Saturday, 14 May 2011

Well sick

Maybe Essex Man (and Essex Girl) hasn't changed that much.

In his original Essex Man profile in the Sunday Telegraph in October 1990 Simon Heffer wrote: “When one walks through the City most evenings the pools of vomit into which one may step have usually been put there by Essex Man, whose greatly enhanced wealth has exceeded his breeding in terms of alcoholic capacity. The late-night trains from Liverpool street are not lacking drunks, though Essex Man’s sense of decency means he is usually sick before boarding.”

And 21 years on, my copy of New! has a photo of Arg chundering at the TOWIE wrap party. He later tweeted: "I got paraletic at the TOWIE wrap party, Debbie took me home and I puked up all over her car!!!! Hahahaha."

Meanwhile Amy Childs revealed her new boyfriend Joe Hurlock to New! Frank Lampard-lookalike Joe said of their first date: "I was propping her up as we left the bar. I struggled to find a taxi driver who would take them home and when I did, she was sick in his cab."

Amy added: "I can't believe I did that. I drank three bottles of wine because I was nervous."

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