Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dick's in Essex

Well, the new series of TOWIE has kicked off and the highlights of the first show included Mark Wright doing some very unconvincing tears and swearing to celibacy for a full 14 days. Joey and Kirk are starting to make quite a good double act. There was a heated debate outside Jess's party about the fact that Richard is short for Dick (a fact new to Joey) and some great motoring banter as Kirk explained to Joey what horsepower was (they go in the boot) and how all cars have red brake lights.

Best line though went to Kirk's dad Mick. Flash Kirk had just paid 74k for a Lamborghini, only to be told by his old man that it was "hairdressers' car". And as the astute Mick asked, how is Kirk going to sell property if he turns up in that flash motor? He can hardly plead poverty...