Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mr Drew's class act in Chelmsford

Looking forward to episode two of Mr Drew's School for Boys on Chennal 4 tonight. Having starred in Educating Essex, the heroic Mr Drew is now back dealing with troublesome boys at his summer school. Last week's episode featured, among others, the incredibly annoying Zane who was still prone to terrible twos-style tantrums and a boy who asked questions like "Why are you so fat, Sir?" Incredibly, Mr Drew displayed tact and understanding, always remaining calm and actually getting some of the boys to open up about their bad behaviour. There was also a starring role for Chelmsford Library, and it was heartening to see how books could actually make a difference to this bunch of underachievers. Mr Stephen Drew is now back at Brentwood County High School as head teacher and surely deserves the freedom of Essex, if not a knighthood for his efforts.

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