Thursday, 21 January 2016

Hammer hits the wall in Hornchurch

Essex, footballer, fast car and garden wall meet with damaging results. There's a full-page in the Evening Standard on West Ham's Diafra Sakho crashing his Lamborghini through a garden wall in Hornchurch, after colliding with another car and spinning off the road. The accident happened 500 yards from Sakho's home. Thankfully no-one was hurt, though Diafra's motor is badly damaged. And it turns out the garden wall he crashed into was at the home of a West Ham fan, who immediately recognised him. Not often your heroes arrive through the garden wall. Sakho has promised to pay for the damage and has tweeted that he is safe and unharmed.


  1. Except Hornchurch is in London not Essex.
    Look mate, write about whatever you want but at least get the facts right, and no tosh about it spiritually being in Essex coz the Church of Essex don't exsist.
    Essex is a large county, there must be plenty for you to write about without the need to stray into the London Boroughs. That said, write about the London Boroughs if you want just stop saying they are in Essex coz it winds up Essexians and Londoners.
    Peace bruvva and up the Irons!

  2. Up the Irons too. Might be tempted to start the Church of Essex!