Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Happy birthday Essex Man

My piece celebrating the 20th anniversary of Essex Man is in The Independent today.

Radio Essex have asked me to appear on-air tomorrow and a chair in Essexology at Sociology-on-Sea University in Wivenhoe surely beckons...


  1. Hi Pete, loved the piece in the Indy and was hoping to have a chat with you about it. Can you pls send me an email adress or phone number? Cheers, Alan Geere (editor-in-chief, Brentwood Gazette and unreconstructed Essex man!)

  2. Good piece. Going back to Sydney next week - but know I'll be dreaming of Billericay and the Hoop up in Stock. Since my parents are now both gone, I don't have any reason to go back - but I still do when I have the time. You can take the boy out of Billericay etc. I love the county - it's 'in your face' attitude, the closeness to London and the fantastic countryside. Yes - it can be a bit crap sometimes (where can't ?), but it's always going to be home. Where ever I am.

  3. Very well put. Nice to know there's a part of Sydney — one of my favourite cities — that's forever Billericay... and must try the Hoop.