Tuesday, 24 January 2017

God save the Essex Pistols

An unlikely mention for Essex in Steve Jones' book Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol. Talking about a possible future Sex Pistols tour (they reformed in 1996 and 2007) he writes: "People say 'Well the Rolling Stones are still doing it', but I don't think they would be on our money. Also their business doesn't have to be run in such way as to keep two imaginary c**ts in some East London council estate happy. I get that it's good to be the real deal when you're twenty, but when you get to be older things change. The two imaginary c**ts have probably sold their council flat and f**ked off to Essex by now, anyway."

Lonely Boy is well worth reading; a strange mixture of sadness, sleaze and humour from Jonesy who manages to write about getting sexually abused by his stepfather, compulsive thieving, alcoholism and heroin and sex addiction with candour and bluff humour. Very politically incorrect but a great read. And believe it or not Jonesy's now kicked all his addictions bar food and is into transcendental meditation in LA…