Sunday, 7 June 2015

Romford Pele gets drunk in Highbury

Romford Pele is getting drunk in Highbury. Enjoyed the launch of the Brewhouse and Kitchen last night, the new Islington bar close to Highbury Corner. It specialises in craft beer brewed on the premises and one of the top beers is a cheeky tribute to Arsenal's Essex lad done good, Ray Parlour, aka the "Romford Pele". Romford Pele is a light, fruity beer that is most palatable and brings a flavour of the Essex geezer into N1, though as it's an Arsenal tribute beer it's probably best drunk in silence. Click on the link for more information on the Brewhouse.


  1. Since Romford is in London, & not in Essex, Ray Parlour can't possibly be an Essex lad.

  2. Spiritually Essex though, and Essex did once extend all the way to Canning Town.

  3. Yes it did, but that was a long time ago when TV was black & white, you could spend a shilling, & England hadn't won the World Cup yet.
    Spiritually Essex Pete? I think you must've been at the spirits to come up with that one.