Sunday, 25 September 2011

Educating Essex

"Educating Essex head defends 'childish' staff," read the article in Friday's Evening Standard. It was a bit of a non-story really. Educating Essex was an excellent documentary on Passmores School in Harlow (the title shamelesly cashing in on TOWIE of course). The 'row' was over the cameras catching Mr Drew playing a practical joke on his head and eliciting the matey comment "You are such a wanker". Big deal, teachers swear in private.

You have to hope Katherine Tate was watching though, as she could keep Lauren well-bovvered up for years on the surly behaviour of pupils like Charlotte.

Another controversy was the teachers jokingly calling the pupils "scumbags". Teachers like Mr Drew used humour to make history interesting and to diffuse confrontations. If you can't use humour in Essex where can you use it?