Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fame: What is it good for?

Where there's fame it seems there's always some drunken Herberts ready to attack. "Amy: My Life is at Rock Bottom" reads the strap line on the front page go OK! Well, Amy Childs' life isn't quite at rock bottom as she's doing the interview from a room overlooking the Hollywood sign. But she has regrettably suffered incidents of vandalism in Brentwood. Her parents' house has had stones thrown at it and her car has been scratched.

Meanwhile Lauren Goodger's new salon in Buckhurst Hill had the windows smashed and a small fire started in the window display the night after it opened (not exactly the "firebombing" described in the Daily Mail, but serious enough). It's ironic that people who criticise Towie often say they're famous for doing nothing, but when they do start a proper business it gets vandalised. Fame comes with a price from well-jel lowlife and you hope the makers of Towie warned the young people involved of this. Thankfully Lauren has now reopened her salon. And to cheer her up Kate Middleton had declared herself a fan of Towie and says that Lauren is her favourite character.

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  1. It's a frightening lesson for people to learn - everyone wants to be famous. But what for if it just earns you disapprobation (hopefully I mean this) and terror attacks from neighbours? I'm sure Chomsky has given some good info on this sort of modern problem.