Friday, 20 July 2012

Northern Lights in Essex!

"Good sky you got here, McIntyre..." Proof arrives that Essex has everything the Scottish Highlands can offer and more comes with the news that the Northern Lights were seen over Maldon on Monday night. The lights have rarely been so far south, but they chose God's own County for their Essex debut, giving a purple and green hue to the Heybridge Basin. Just as well they didn't hit Brentwood, where the lights would surely have been mistaken for another of Joey Essex's Reem nights at Sugar Hut, with Aurora Borealis thought to be Mark Wright's latest date. Perhaps Local Hero will now be re-made in Maldon…


  1. Some friends and I saw them last July looking north from Long Melford at about midnight. I watched them for almost an hour before deciding to go to bed. Unfortunately they were behind cloud but they were definitely greenish and spread in the rippling way that the northern lights do. They covered a huge area of the sky. If looking straight ahead was '12 o'clock and to our left was 9 o'clock, they extended frlom jus before ten o'clock to 12 o'clock. Unfortunately none of us was carrying a camera!!

  2. Bad luck about the camera Curious! Seems like they can be seen a lot further south than is commonly thought. I saw them in Greenland once in 2001, green shimmering lights stretching downwards and it was an unforgettable sight above the snow and ice...