Friday, 12 July 2013

Edgeland made me…

My pal Katie, an exiled Romfordian, enthuses about the brilliant film The Outer Edges she's just seen at the East London Film Festival. It's by Karl Hyde (one half of Underworld and a product of Romford too) and director Kieran Evans. Katie writes: "It is a bit Iain Sinclair-ish and a bit Patrick Keiller-ish, but more down to earth than both of those. I just loved it - totally beautiful - the best film I've seen on East London/Essex." Check out the YouTube clip and interactive Outer Edges map, on the links, plus a great performance by Karl Hyde of 8 Ball at the Union Chapel. The film covers Dagenham, Tilbury, Barking, Grays and all those edgy places by the Thames that are rarely filmed. And there's a solo Karl Hyde album Edgeland to go with the film.

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