Sunday, 13 April 2014

Phill gets poetic as Porky

Enjoyed seeing Leigh-on-Sea’s favourite son Phill Jupitus perform as Porky Poet at the Tristan Bates Theatre on Saturday night. Jupitus began his career as performance poet Porky the Poet back in 1984 (as well as being a great cartoonist) and is reprising his verse for some gigs at the Edinburgh Festival this summer. Phill managed to eke lots of humour out of the relatively low turnout by joking about the Tristan Bates being the only West End theatre to have a cloaking device and saying, “this is what you get when you quit twitter. I have 250,0000 followers, you can have 10,0000 each!” Porky’s poems included reminisces about his first Blondie gig, the flooded fields beneath Hadleigh Castle and being the man who missed a tea party with the Clash. And it was strangely gratifying to hear him exclaim, “David Cameron can suck my balls!” in such an intimate setting. All this plus mentions for all seven classic Doctors in Doctor Who and a free Porky the Poet badge at the end too…


  1. We didn't get the poem on hipsters we were promised though - he must have seen that you were in the audience...

  2. Ha ha! Retro punk look is still cool you know…

  3. Haha! That's amazing. I wasn't even aware of this... :(
    Do love a bit of Phill Jupitus.