Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The only way is… cold sores?

"The Only Way is… Windsor," proclaims the current issue of Now, alongside a picture of Mark and Lauren from The Only Way is Essex wearing identical clothes to Kate and Wills when they announced their royal engagement.

Must say they make a fine royal couple when poshed up, especially now Lauren has gone brunette. Might they be a better choice as King and Queen of Britain? It would mean that Sam could be a vajazzler by royal appointment.

The series has been so successful it's being repeated on ITV2 already and is still sponsored by Cymex cream for cold sores.

What is it about Essex and cold sores? Did Cymex's PR people spot a correlation between Herpes Simplex and lots of snogging at Sugar Hut and Faces?

It might not be the most romantic of sponsors, but like Essex itself, Cymex does what it says on the tube.

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