Monday, 30 January 2012

It's Curtains, Babe

Saw a wonderful piece of Essex nomenclature on a recent trip to Grays – a shop called CURTAINS BABE. The sign is in upper case, of course.

Does it mean it’s curtains suitable for your babe, or is it run by a babe with a penchant for curtains? Or is it simply named after someone shouted out “Curtains Babe!” at the brainstorming session on deciding a name? Whatever the case, it’s got lots of curtains on offer and much Essex credibility.


  1. I bought some good quality, reasonably priced curtains there about 16 yrs ago. They also made my friend a set of swags and tails and came to the house and fitted them. I'm hoping to get some more curtains there this week.

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