Monday, 9 April 2012

Jam today

Good to see that The Apprentice visited the Tiptree Jam factory in last week's episode, which is presumably in a conserve-ation area of the county. The Apprentice candidates got in the usual pickle while making ketchups and chutneys, but nonetheless a nice plug for Wilkin and Sons. While my old pal Phill Jupitus even reports finding Tiptree marmalade while travelling in Japan...


  1. I think there's a mini jam museum at the Tiptree tea rooms which I'd like to go to (by bike!). Anyone know what it's like?

  2. I've never been as far as the museum but the shop is very good and the same price as supermarkets but with the full range. They also sell miniatures at 3 for £1 which is a good way of keeping the office happy as a change from cakes.

  3. Thanks for the info JamFactory - must make a pilgrimage there...