Monday, 30 April 2012

Sign of the times

Never mind climbing the Shard, I've finally scaled Basildon's Hollywood-style sign. It was an adventurous exploration worthy of Bear Grylls, taking a taxi to the "contained area" of Bas Vegas, aka the Festival Leisure Park, with its four nightclubs and Americana restaurants, and then trekking along the A127. After a mile or so of hot tub adverts, exhaust and asphalt the pedestrian reaches the fabled Basilwood sign. Your man clambered up the grassy knoll to touch the Basilwood sign. The letters are about the size of a person, fronted with shiny white material. Though this being Basildon there’s a notice on the back of the letters reading: “This sign is made of stainless steel of limited resale value.” Does the real Hollywood sign have a similar warning? 

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