Sunday, 6 May 2012

Thank you for the tanning opportunity, Lord Sugar

Something of an Essex-fest on this week's episode of The Apprentice. The teams had to go to a cash and carry and buy £150-worth of goods to sell at a destination of their choice in what Lord Sugar described as "my old manor of Essex". The sides appeared heavily influenced by Towie-sterotypes. Strangely they eschewed bound sets of Milan Kundera novels and opted for the fake spray-tan. Nick was impressed by the choice of Romford as a venue: "There are 70 per cent women here and 70 per cent of them are from Essex," he enthused about the likely tan sales. The other side chose Ilford and Pitsea to flog their gear.

"Ricky was very vocal that Essex likes a tan," commented Nick in the boardroom. "You're not giving Essex a great name you lot!" suggested Lord Sugar, after being presented with an Essex kit of fake tan and nail wraps. When the other team added false eyelashes, Lord Sugar suggested "they're having a good day in Essex."

What was most surprising was that you could buy a bottle of fake tan for £2 and sell it for £10 in the Romford shopping mall. Will the final see the contestants flogging rival vajazzle packages in Westfield?

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