Friday, 15 March 2013

Elevator pitch coming up...

Great Speed Dating for Writers event at Colchester Library last night as part of the Essex Book Festival. A team of 20 or so writers, publishers and agents had four minutes each with the audience to talk about writing and how to get published. A huge array of diverse writing from the punters, from a published human rights novel by Liz Fisher-Frank, to Mike Davies's children's books, horror, literary fiction, Tolkein-esque fantasies, rebellious teenager series, travel memoirs, tales of life as a milliner and deep philosophy. More elevator pitches than at the Empire State Building.

What do you you say to publishing hopefuls? I'd say be determined, don't be put off by rejections, write about what you know, use social media and don't be scared of publicising your work yourself. Poet Martin Newell said read a lot, don't be scared of your voice and don't spend forever getting it finished, while Syd Moore author of Witch Hunt said that on her creative writing MA she was forever told it was a difficult market but she's been published and she says, rather modestly, that if she can then anyone can.

Above all it made me grateful to have actually got some books in print, because it's something lots of people dream of and to judge from this event, everyone in Colchester has a book in them... and also thanks to Belinda and Jules for keeping us all going with those supplies of white wine. Speed dating can be thirsty work…


  1. It sounds like a fantastic and useful event - will you be going to more? nicola

  2. Hope to make next speed-dating event at Billericay in October Nicola...