Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Flying Flapjacks in Canvey

Lee Brilleaux of Dr Feelgood once told me, "a bloke had his finger cut off with a penknife right in front of the stage when we played the Lord Nelson pub on Holloway Road." But one menace Canvey's  R&B legend never encountered was triangular flapjacks. A year seven pupil at Castle View School on Canvey Island was hit in the face by a triangular flapjack during a food fight, resulting in the school instructing the cooks not to bake triangular flapjacks and instead make square ones. If the original Feelgoods were playing Canvey today even the hardest men in R&B would surely have to scarper from this new menace of flying flapjacks.


  1. Hilarious story - clearly those flapjacks are well hard. N x

  2. Jumping flapjack it's a gas gas gas?