Monday, 23 May 2011

A Bafta for Essex!

Blimey. Nanny Pat gets a gong and Essex has won a Bafta. The Only Way is Essex beat Downton Abbey to win a Bafta YouTube audience award last night. Proving that Essex is well cultured."Chavs top the toffs," declared the Mirror. While page three (where else?) of the Sun had "The only hooray is Essex".

As Amy said while accepting the award: "Shu' up!"

And presumably Joey Essex is still wondering who this Bafta bloke is.


  1. Hi thought I would follow for a while - My hubby is a West Ham supporter !!

  2. Nice to have you online! I'm going to Australia for a bit to escape West Ham… but did see some Dagenham fans at the England game on Saturday singing "We're a pub team from Essex!"