Thursday, 5 May 2011

Roll the dice, ’Arry

So they still have furry dice in Essex. Or at least Harry on TOWIE does. While looking at a new motor in the showroom the campest man in the Thames Delta produced a pair of pink furry dice to place under his driving mirror. Very eighties retro Ary. This was before he remembered that he didn't have a licence.

And let's hope he gets Sat Nav, which was surely invented for the benefit of the TOWIE cast. After all, Amy thinks Essex is in South London. And remember the pub quiz where Joey thought that Egypt was the longest pleasure pier in Essex and Amy suggested the Isle of Wight…


  1. I can assure you my next door neighbour in Westcliff has a furry dice in his motor.

    And until a couple of years ago, someone else on this street had a car with a personalised reg that spelt out "E55EX".

    Hence, I have no need to watch televisual semi-fictional depictions of my county....

  2. Nice to know they're still out there! It'll be sunstrips returning next…

  3. I have a security car with E55EX....In Australia